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Electronic Document Management

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What are Benefits of Electronic Document Workflow Automation?

Electronic document management enhances document-driven processes, improving productivity and business process insight. Benefits emerge rapidly as documents and other business content is directed automatically to the right place at the right time - improving collaboration and maximising efficiency throughout an organisation. Instead of discussing why an organisation should automate its workflow, let’s discuss a few benefits of document workflow [...]

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Every Business Needs a Document Management System

Businesses operate in a competitive, client oriented world and must be able to respond accurately and quickly to future business requirements. There was a time, when everything was documented in books. Over time, these books became sheets of paper stored in folders. And then the folders and documents moved to filing cabinets. Now we have electronic [...]

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The Challenge Documents Pose for a Human Resource Department

Document management applications offer tools for scanning, data capture, document management and email management and are used in many organisations. Companies from varied industries have been using document automation for years to save money and build more efficient business processes. This steady drive of document digitisation has encouraged human resource departments in many organisations to [...]

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Manage with Care – Electronic Information is as Important as any Other Business Asset

When considering a company’s assets, most people are likely to think about physical assets; buildings, office equipment, cars, subsidiaries etc, Others may also think about virtual assets such as a company’s brand or its reputation. Then there are electronic assets: the corporate videos, product photographs, financial documents. Like the physical and virtual assets, electronic assets [...]

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Document Management – Some FAQs

Documents are worked on and new files are created in every organisation or company operating in every industry you may care to think of. More and more companies recognise the advantages of a paperless office and therefore the majority of these documents are increasingly electronic. With the increase in the numbers of electronic documents in [...]

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Document Management Factors Small Businesses Must Assess

Have you ever considered how document handling and processing can impact your business and the effect this can have on an employee’s average working day? If you’ve ever lost important documents, you will know how costly it is to recreate them or have them duplicated. Apart from the physical cost, it also takes unnecessary time [...]

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How to Avoid Document Filing Disasters

Have you ever been in a situation where you spent precious time just searching for a document you need? If you have, then you’re not alone. So many people tend to place little importance in keeping important documents filed properly. This results in missing or misplaced documents and could end up in lost profits or [...]

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Docusoft – Solutions for Accountants

One key challenge facing accountants today involves modernising the practice to meet the needs for "Knowledge Sharing" and "Streamlining Processes". The platforms required to deliver on these include Portals, Document Management Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Workflow, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) searches, Document Controls, etc. Docusoft deliver a suite of solutions for accountants to address these [...]

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